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Living in Barbados: What you need to know

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Planning on relocating to Barbados? On this page, you’ll get essential information and a few tips to help you start your new life in this island paradise in the Caribbean.


Barbados has a tropical climate with many warm and sunny days every year. Like most tropical countries, it has two main seasons: dry, which runs from December to May; and wet, which lasts from June to November.

Due to a steady influx of northeast trade winds, it never gets unbearably hot in the daytime. Evenings are even slightly cooler during the dry season. Rainfall typically occurs in quick bursts come wet season. Heavy downpours are usually followed by bright and sunny conditions.

Although Barbados is situated in the eastern Caribbean, it’s located outside of the hurricane zone. In fact, the island is on the short list of Caribbean islands that have experienced fewer hurricanes compared to neighboring islands.


Barbados has a top-quality healthcare system compared to the rest of the Caribbean, which is why it’s one of the most popular choices of residence. Keep in mind, however, that only Barbadian citizens are covered by universal health insurance. You will need to get private coverage if you plan on living in Barbados.

The main public hospital in Barbados offering specialized and secondary care is The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Barbados is also home to several world-class healthcare facilities like Sandy Crest Medical Centre and FMH Emergency Medical Clinic, which are known for offering top-level services.

Cost of living

Compared to other Caribbean nations, the cost of living has remained relatively more affordable.

Home prices vary depending on location. Most of the highest-priced properties are in the city center and along the beach. There’s a significant drop in price in properties outside these prime locations.

Most products sold in Barbados are imported, which adds to the cost of many basic grocery and supermarket items. Most food items, however, are relatively inexpensive.

Public transportation is also very affordable. Riding the bus is a convenient option if you need to go somewhere not within walking distance, and typically costs less than $2 USD per ride. Rental car services are also available

Business and employment

Although tourism is the main driver of Barbados’ economy, there are other sectors offering terrific opportunities

Barbados has a thriving financial services sector with many insurance companies, off-shore banks, and other related establishments constantly on the lookout for skilled and experienced workers. The country’s information technology sector is also developing rapidly with many call centers and data processing centers currently in operation. Agriculture and light industry also serve as steady sources of employment.

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