Everything you need to know about the Barbados Welcome Stamp

What is the Barbados Welcome Stamp (BWS)?

According to the official website: “The 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp is a visa for a non-national who is employed in a country other than Barbados and who is resident and employed by a company registered and operating outside of Barbados (not carrying on business in or from Barbados).”

The Stamp allows foreign nationals to live and work in paradise for a year and take advantage of all the wonderful things that Barbados has to offer. It does not allow you to get a job with a Barbados employer, but rather to work for a foreign registered company from Barbados. 


How do I apply for the BWS?

Applications are now open. It’s simple to apply for the BWS, you just need to fill out the form here, submit the relevant requested documents and pay the associated fees. It’s also possible for a company to make multiple applications for their companies workers in one go. 


What are the fees associated?

Individuals applying for the BWS need to pay USD $2,000 (BDS $4,000) while the family bundle is USD $3,000 (BDS $6,000)


What do I need to have in place? 

Applicants for a BWS must be able to prove an annual income of USD $50,000. You also need to submit passport photos and a scan of the bio data page of your passport. It is not necessary to present a return ticket upon your arrival into the island. 


How long will I have to wait for a decision?

Your application will be processed within 48 hours of receipt. A visa will be processed and confirmed or denied in 5 working days or less. Once your visa has been granted you have 12 months in which to come to the island and make use of it. 


How long does the BWS last?

The BWS lasts for one year. During that time, holders of the visa will be able to travel to and from Barbados at their leisure. 


For more information on what to expect when you get to Barbados visit https://www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/faqs/ or contact us at One Caribbean Estates  – [email protected] +1 246 620 4105

We’ll be pleased to make your transition to Barbados totally seamless and have a number of rental and investment properties in the best locations throughout the island. 


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