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March 30, 2017 - by Maisha Ward

One Caribbean Estates March

As proud title sponsors of the 2017 Cheshire International Tour, One Caribbean Estates in affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate hosted an action-packed week of polo that ran from February 26th-March 5th!


Property of the Month
The Crane Residences #5244
St. Philip, Barbados

Located in the parish of St. Philip on Barbados’ scenic Southeast Coast, you won’t want to miss this gorgeous gated residential property at the historic Crane Resort. With three contemporary bedrooms and three full bathrooms, this fourth floor 2,215 sq ft residence is perfect for long-term luxury island living. This spacious, beautifully appointed home offers expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean and Foul Bay Beach.

Other amenities include secure underground parking with direct-to-residence elevator access, communal cliff-top pools, tennis courts, spa and walking distance to award-winning restaurants, shopping and of course, the world-famous Crane Beach!

The Crane Private Residence #5244 is being offered at USD $1,082,000. Contact one of our Estate Agents at to learn more about this stunning residence.

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Caribbean Artist Profile: Jeena Chatrani

A talented Caribbean colourist and impressionist whose works are sought after by collectors around the world, Jeena Chatrani often portrays Barbadian elements in a non-traditional way. Painting only with palette knives and unmixed paints straight out of the jar, Jeena’s work is easily recognizable by its rougher texture, bright colors, and modern feel.

While Jeena loves to paint turtles, she has also painted a number of other subjects including animals, flowers, religious symbols and celebrities like Bob Marley and Barbados’ own music royalty, Rihanna. Jeena also actively uses social media to share her work and follows what other young artists are creating on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re seeking a unique, original Caribbean painting for your home, let our One Caribbean Estates team put you in touch with Jeena about owning one of her phenomenal pieces.

One Caribbean Estate News
The 2017 Cheshire International Tour

As proud title sponsors of the 2017 Cheshire International Tour, One Caribbean Estates in affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate hosted an action-packed week of polo that ran from February 26th-March 5th!

With four matches played at Holders and Apes Hill Polo Fields, it was a fight to the finish between the Barbados and Cheshire teams. Throughout the series, One Caribbean Estates delighted guests with an afternoon of canapés and champagne in an elegant VIP marquee.

After head-to-head competition throughout the week, the series ended in heated final matches. Team Courtesy Garage Limited won the first match and received the Tony Archer Memorial Trophy. A much anticipated final, the feature match of between the One Caribbean Estates Barbados and Cheshire Polo Club teams resulted in a 4-4 draw on Sunday, March 5th at Holders Polo Field.

As the series ended in a tie, officials determined that the One Caribbean Estates Barbados Team would receive the One Caribbean Estates Trophy, presented by Ms. Dominique Silvera and Mr.  Richard Hudson. The Cheshire Polo Club team took home the Mickey Hutchinson Memorial Challenge Trophy, presented by Frances Atwell.

A big thank you to St. Nicholas Abbey for the engraved bottles of rum for the polo players, Events Unusual for our beautifully decorated tent and Trident Wines/The Wine Cave for the amazing bar selection.  Thank you also to Capital Media HD 99.3 radio station in promoting the event and Dwellings for their support.

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Real Estate Tips
Exchange Rates and the Second-home Market – Next Steps to Prospective Buyers and Existing Homeowners 

High-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) have progressively developed a global approach when it comes to their investment outlook and as far as real estate investments go, it is common knowledge that British purchasers have gained hugely in previous periods when a strong pound sterling enabled them to invest in Caribbean property at bargain prices.

Brexit however, has sparked a bit of volatility and uncertainty around the pound sterling, and the demand in the second home market locally has observed a slight reduction particularly from our main source markets. This quandary has placed some of our clients at odds as it relates to what their next steps should be and here’s our humble opinion.

If you’re seeking to purchase a property to live in for years to come; and can comfortably afford to pay the mortgage regardless of any superfluous hike in interest rates — then any temporary fluctuations in price/value are of no real import to you. Mortgages in some countries are at an all-time low.

Now on the other hand, if you’re acquiring an investment property with no intention of making the destination a domicile, then one needs to further examine the local market and ascertain what external factors may influence the rates and intensity at which any fluctuations might occur. After all, we are in a ‘Brexit’/’Trump’ scenario so anything is possible J

Finally, doing nothing doesn’t come without its own consequences either because: e.g. if you are a tenant/owner in an neighbourhood or market where rents or maintenance costs are rapidly increasing or the supply of rental properties is high, you may find that the very home you own/rent eats up the majority of your existing income. So whatever you do, do your research first before making that big decision.

Please feel free to contact us today at with any questions if you’re looking make your investment in that dream vacation /second-home.



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